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+d h-Concept UKI HASHI Sanitary Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks Standing Chop Sticks

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Introducing the UKI HASHI chopsticks, specially designed so that the ends of the chopsticks point upward and do not contact the table when set down, meaning there’s no need to use a stand to avoid making the table messy, while ensuring your chopsticks stay clean.

Line up the round depressions when holding the chopsticks or putting them down on a table, and you’ll naturally hold them in the best way possible. And they’re perfect as training chopsticks for children.

This is the much-requested bamboo version of UKIHASHI. It features a warm texture that only comes from natural materials, and fits in easily with any setting.

  • Width 18mm
  • Depth 222mm
  • Height 12mm
2010 : IF Product Design Gold Award

"When using chopsticks, you must pay heed to proper manners and etiquette. However, it is difficult to keep all of the rules in mind while enjoying your meal. Perhaps using UKI HASHI will help you rediscover the exquisite of Japan."

Written by product designer Mikiya Kobayashi.

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