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General Household Items

Our range of general house hold products are great for finding new and cool things you never thought you'd need, until now!
+d h-Concept Tube Doorstopper Colourful Silicone Door Stop Wedge Made in Japan
This handy and affordable door stopper is great for adding a splash of colour around the house while keeping your doors firmly and securely open.
+d h-Concept GUMHOOK Silicone Wall Hook Colourful & Decorative Storage Hanger
These soft hooks are great to brighten up your home, soft yet study, these hooks are great for all your hanging needs.
+d h-Concept Colourful Stainless Steel Adhesive Wall Hook Hangers
These stainless steel hooks will make your home or office more colourful, will last much longer than plastic ones and are designed to be reusable.
Aozora Tree Hook Storage Solution Hanging Storage Solution for Closet or Doors
This stylish and colourful hook hanger can hang up to 12 bags, hats and other accessories.
+d h-Concept Banana Door Stop, Green or Yellow Door Stopper Wedge Made in Japan
Brighten up your home or office with this humorous novelty door stop. Quality made in Japan.
Soil Drying Sack Natural Desiccatant Dryer Deodoriser for Shoes Boots or Drawers
Keep your shoes or boots dry with these Diatomaceous Earth desiccant and charcoal deodoriser. These subtle and elegant desiccants are designed to help remove odour and keep your boots or shoes dry in humid conditions. Great for keeping in draws to keep clothes dry as well.
I'mD Bew Table Magazine Rack Under Table Slung Wire Shelf
Minimalist and sturdy, this wire rack is great for ensuring an organised room with a sleek, unobtrusive design. Ideal for offices, retail spaces, restaurants and bar counter tops.
I'mD Bew Wine Bottle Holder Pourer & Carrier Rack Table Top Caddy Stand
Enjoy a bottle of wine with loved ones, friends or a meal for one with this elegant, yet sturdy metal wine pourer. Quality made in Japan.