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Leathercraft & Wood Working Skife Knife Leather Beveller U Corner Round Plane

Our Price: US$37.99
This Kakuri product is not only a great wood working tool, but also a truly unique leather craft plane tool as well.

This adjustable hand-crafted plane has a 6mm groove cut into it, that is 3mm deep, it is designed to round the sharp edges of your wood edge and is also great for bevelling both sides of your leather at once, giving your leather a consistent rounded edge in a single stroke.

Too use on wood, simply position the plane on the edge of your wood at a 45 degree angle and pull towards you until a rounded corner is established. To use on leather simply place your leather on top of a table with a straight, flat side, with the edge of your leather you wish to bevel protruding just slightly over the edge of the table. Take your plane and insert the side of the leather you wish to bevel into the groove of the plane, adjust both your leather and plane so that the side of the table firmly contacts the flat bottom of the plane in order for the table's side to be used as a guide while bevelling. Ensure your leather is exerting pressure on the groove and blade of the plane, with the bottom of the plane fully contacting the side of the table before pulling the plane along the edge of the leather to bevel it.

Please note, this plane is meant to be pulled towards the user.

The blade, measuring 18mm in width, is made of high quality stainless steel and can be sharpened. Works great on all kinds of wood as well as leather. Background grid in the pictures are in square millimetres.

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