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Leathercraft Psychedelic Marble Streak Powdered Gel for Leather Dye

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You're looking at 50g of powder, which, when mixed with water, enables you to create beautiful marble patterns on untreated vegetable tanned leather. Designed to be used with ordinary water based leather dye to create incredible patterns.

Simply mix 50 grams of powder to 1 litre of warm water, stir thoroughly and wait half a day. After a consistent gel has formed, pour a thin layer of the solution into a tray 1~2cm deep and drip ordinary leather dye into it, dabbing, swirling or swiping it to the desired pattern with a stick or similar implement. Once you have the desired pattern, gently place your leather (grain side down) on to the solution (taking care to avoid air bubbles), leave for a few seconds for the leather to absorb the dye, then remove your leather from the solution in a peeling motion, taking care not to disturb the patterns you have created. Once you have removed the leather from the gel rinse with water and allow to dry.

Please note that the gel can be reused to make additional dye creations, however, please note that dye from the previous dyeing session may contaminate the next piece of leather you wish to dye. The gel should not be stored as microbes present in your work place may cause the solution to spoil and should, therefore, be disposed of once used.


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