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Michihamono Japanese HeavyDuty Woodcarving Tool H-12 36mm Shallow U Gouge Chisel

Our Price: US$58.99
What you see here is the ultimate woodcarving tool. This heavy duty instrument comes with a sharp blade made of high quality steel. The same piece of metal is used to forge the shaft and bolster of this trusty tool, which means it's incredibly strong and ready for the challenge. Featured is a shallow U shape, which is ideal for round edges. It's also a good choice when leveling a piece, but with a new, interesting texture.

The handle is made of hard wood, and is easy to hold and therefore easy to work with. Strike the wide end with a mallet and your hand will be protected by the metal hoop.  This circular ring is also excellent at adding control when carving. Made with the utmost quality in Japan.
(Please note there may be some play in the hoop.)

Approximate measurements:

Handle length: 13cm
Entire length of tool: 23cm

Please note: The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

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