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Looking for other interesting types of kitchenware that can make your home dining experience even more unique and outstanding? Then look no further and browse our line up of quality kitchenware for the Japan market.
Keystone Japan Mount Fuji Cellulose Cotton Wiping Sponge Cloth 2-Pack Set
Keep your kitchen clean with these cute Mount Fuji sponge cloths. 100% biodegradable, and absorb 2-3 times more water than the average sponge.
Aozora Tea Press Mini Plunger Filter Tea Brewer Strainer Pink & Green
Enjoy the full flavour of your tea using this Tea Press to compress you tea leaves and drain the Tea Press after use.
Soil Food Dessicant Reusable Non Silica Gel Hydroabsorbant Kitchen Dessicator
Try these stylish, reusable, non-toxic hydroscopic earthware tablets that will keep your non-perishable foods dry for weeks.
Aozora Coffee Press Mini Plunger Filter Coffee Maker Brown
Coffee Press A rich cup of drip coffee, anytime, anywhere. At home or in the office, you can easily enjoy a good cup of coffee.
+d h-Concept ORISHIKI Silicone Kitchen Pot Holder Insulation Place Mat & Coaster
This foldable pot holder is great for resting a hot pan, used as a mat to dry your dishes and cups or folded and used as a coaster.
I'mD Bew Wine Bottle Holder Pourer & Carrier Rack Table Top Caddy Stand
Enjoy a bottle of wine with loved ones, friends or a meal for one with this elegant, yet sturdy metal wine pourer. Quality made in Japan.