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Takagi Japanese Wood Carving Tool Skewed Chisel 9mm Knife

Our Price: US$21.99
When you need a woodworking chisel that will allow you to make precise, clean cuts with the utmost of ease, this Takagi wood carving tool fits the bill perfectly!
Truly of exceptional quality, this Takagi wood carving tool is manufactured in Japan out of high carbon laminated steel. The tang is set deep into the handle for maximum strength, and the shank and blade are heat-treated to provide a rock hard surface that can power through wood with ease. The blade is perfectly honed and ready for immediate use. A corrosion-resistant treatment adds to the durability of this professional quality tool.
Easy to grip, the tool's handle can easily accommodate both hands, but the blade allows you to work with exacting detail.
The tool is shown on a millimeter-scale grid background to give you a clear picture of its size.

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